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Keep your furniture clean and fresh

Subject to so much use, as well as daily dirt and grime, sofas and armchairs can quickly lose their clean, fresh look. What is the best way to clean dirty furniture? The general view is that a good way to rid it of stains and dirt is by using water. In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, when you clean a sofa or armchair with water, in an attempt to remove that unsightly spot or ugly stain, by “soaking” the fabric you are often doing it more harm than good.

Unlike professional companies, like New York Cleaners, who use heavy-duty equipment to remove excess moisture after cleaning, most do-it-yourself remedies mean that your furniture can end up moldy, hosting bacteria and other nasty allergens.

However, there is an alternative - upholstery protection. This is an excellent way of protecting your sofa or armchair against dirt, soil, spots and stains, which can all leave it looking faded and neglected. Furniture protection agents keep the material of your special piece in good shape, ensuring that if the worst happens, and there is an accident, it won’t be as bad as you think!

Natural products – for the planet and your health

We use Green Depot products in all of our work, which are highly effective, cutting through grime and dirt, but are also gentle on material. They are all environmentally friendly, and great when it comes to keeping your furniture free of ink, red wine or coffee/ they are non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable, which means that not only are they better for your rug, and for the planet, but that they also protect your children and your pets.

Our upholstery protection solutions stop colors from running or fading. They protect even the most delicate fabrics, and are easy to apply. Even better, they dry quickly which means you will be able to use your sofa or armchair within hours! Green Depot products smell fresh and pleasant, and protect against both oil and water-based stains. And unlike more conventional products, they aren’t harsh on your furniture, making them a safe and natural way to protect your home.

Take action early

Upholstery protection isn’t just a way of guarding against spills and stains – it’s also a way of taking action in advance. Sofa and armchair stain protectors give you better protection against all kinds of potential harm. Since accidents happen at the bet of times, using furniture protection means you’re thinking ahead, as well as keeping your furniture in better shape. Our Green Depot products, because they are natural, also leave no sticky residues behind, after application. Another advantage of using them is that, once applied, the next cleaning will be easier to carry out, because dirt and soil will be less likely to be embedded deep in the fibers.

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