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Rug padding is an effective way to maintain your rug and extend it’s lifespan. Rug pads also keep noise to a minimum by dampening sound, making sure the rug does not move around when you vacuum and adding extra ‘padding,’ making it easy to walk on the rug. All of our rug pads can be hand washed, come in different designs and materials and can be cut to size.

Keep your rug beautiful

A beautiful rug enhances the ambience of any room. Elegant and stylish, they can be used in all kinds of rooms and placed on any kind of flooring (even carpet). Using a rug makes it easier to “separate” different areas of a room, as well as adding color here and there. With a wide range of textures, they really can ‘make’ a home special. But keeping them in place is important and here at New York Cleaners, we believe the best way to do this is by use of rug padding.

Extend your rug’s life span

Of course, many people decide that putting items of furniture on top of a rug is enough, in itself, to keep it in place. But whilst this is true, there should always be something placed between the rug and the flooring, to protect the flooring. Rug specialists such as ourselves recommend rug padding, because we know good rug pads do far more than protect your floor. They serve a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Extending the life span of your rug
  • Dampening sound, especially on wood floors
  • Keeping the rug stationary, when vacuuming
  • Adding extra ‘cushion’ under the rug itself, making it more comfortable to walk on

Hand washable and stain-resistant

All of the rug pads we sell can be hand-washed, with warm water and soap, and are highly resistant to stains. We cut all of our padding to match your rug’s specific size, and all our pads are reversible. We sell all different designs, depending on the flooring in your home. For example:

  • Smooth surfaces (like laminate, tiling and hardwood) work better with pads made out of rubber mesh, with bumps. The bumps prevent the rug from slipping against the smooth surface.
  • Rugs placed on top of wall-to-wall carpets do well with synthetic padding. This prevents them from wrinkling and bunching.
  • Natural jute fiber rug pads prolong rug life, because they stand up to pressure longer than other materials.
  • Virgin polyester felt rugs pads are great for keeping rugs flat.
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