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Maintain its charm and style

Rugs are always precious to their owners, whether they’ve been in the family for generations, and been passed down lovingly, or whether its purchase has come about as a result of time, effort and careful consideration. Yes, every rug tell its own story and every piece adds charm and style to the room it inhabits.

But everyone has heard at least one horror story of a rug cleaning job that went wrong. Having your rug ruined is the last thing you want – and that’s why you should have it cleaned professionally. Here at New York Cleaners, we treat every rug with the respect it deserves, from the moment we pick it up at your doorstep until the moment we return it into your hands.

Individual attention

Our philosophy is that every rug needs and deserves individual care, which is why, before treating any piece, we examine it carefully to assess exactly what kind of treatment will be most suitable and effective for its cleaning. And we clean all kinds of rugs – oriental, wool, silk, sisal, and synthetic to name but a few. We aim to maintain the structural integrity of the rug, whilst making sure that all stains, spots and discoloration is eliminated.

Comprehensive cleaning

Our cleaning process involves:

  • An careful inspection of your rug, to decide exactly how it should be cleaned
  • A vacuuming of all loose fibers and particles
  • Treatment of any spots and stains, with our environmentally-friendly ‘Green Depot’ products
  • A thorough washing and grooming of each piece, making sure no excess moisture and soapy residue remains afterwards
  • Hanging the rug in a climate-controlled room, to ensure that it is dried properly. In the majority of your cases, your rug should be dried within 24 hours.
  • A final checking of your rug, by hand, before returning it to you.
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