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"We got New York Cleaners in after an anniversary party, their maid arrived on time and was very professional."
Amy Hunter, Queens

No-one wants to move into a new home or office site, when it’s not clean. Dealing with a dirty space is the last thing you need, and it’s stressful too. That’s why the best course of action is to call professionals, to ensure that by the time you walk through the front door, everything will be in great shape…read more

When builders are working on your home or office, it goes without saying that however careful they are, after they’ve departed a certain amount of debris and dust is going to be left behind. Dealing with dirt and grime can be very stressful, and it’s the last thing anyone needs before moving into a new space. And as experienced professionals, we know that before you return to your house, or arrive on your new site, you want it to be in great shape. Leave it to us…

Machinery that gets the job done

Here at New York Cleaners, we offer a comprehensive post-construction cleaning service, with heavy-duty machinery and strong and effective cleaning products. On arrival, we will clean and vacuum floors, walls and partitions thoroughly and effectively. We will then disinfect all areas, clean counter-tops and surfaces, scrub all light switch plates, and dust windows, sills and ledges. We clean skirtings, dust moldings and ceiling fans, wipe the tops of doors and dust for cobwebs.

Detailed cleaning

In foyers and halls we will empty wastepaper baskets and remove all debris and clutter. We clean glass windows, fireplaces and carpets and can remove paint. We thoroughly clean all air-conditioning units and vents and scrub kitchen and bathroom tiles. We offer a power-washing service and remove carpets and padding. We clean staircases and hose down patios and decks. In short, we deal with the elbow grease, giving you time to deal with moving into your new space.

We also offer a removal service for heavy materials, as well as supplying dumpsters.

Here at New York Cleaners, we clean with the client in mind, because we understand that after all the hard work that went into re-modelling your home or office, you want it to look great. Our contractors are experienced and reliable, and understand that the importance of finishing projects on time. We always pay attention to detail and our number one priority is meeting your individual needs.

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