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Love your pet…hate the stain?

Most of us look upon our pets as just another family member. But which cat or dog owner doesn’t realize just how unpleasant the stains their beloved animal can leave behind, let alone how annoying and difficult they can be to remove. Accidents can happen in just a moment, even if your back is turned even temporarily. Before you know it, you are stuck with an ugly stain on your carpet or upholstery. Even worse, you now have to deal with an unpleasant pet stain odor. And whilst hiding a stain carefully can be achieved, hiding an odor is another matter!

Don’t delay – get help immediately

Here at New York Cleaners, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to tackling pet stains and odors. Occasionally, it may be possible to fix the situation yourself but, in general, it’s a better idea to call professionals like ourselves. And make sure that you call us as soon as possible, because the longer you wait the harder it will be to fix the problem. We’ve been in business a long time, and our experienced staff knows exactly what steps to take to get rid of your stain and its lingering smell, once and for all.

Fresh-smelling once more

Our crews are reliable and experienced and use the most advanced, environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable products. These contain odor-eliminating enzymes, designed to rid your home of unpleasant urine and fecal smells. In no time at all, we guarantee that your room will be smelling clean and fresh, leaving you with peace of mind again. Your house will look great and you will feel happier. And because we use only bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly products in our work, you can feel safe in the knowledge that not only are you contributing to a better planet, but that your children, pets and animals will all be safe too!

We know exactly how to eliminate pet stains and the unpleasant odors they invariably leave behind.

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