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Regular professional cleaning is the most tried-and-tested way to keep your carpet looking good and your home smelling fresh. When not cleaned, carpets can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and nasty allergens, making the home unsafe for you, your children and pets. Wear and tear can also fade carpets, making them look dull and neglected. You’ll be surprised how quickly our organic products will bring them back to life…

Combat dirt and grime

Your carpet works harder than any other surface in your home, for the obvious reason of foot traffic. And as it does so, it’s attracting dust, soil and grime, as well as being subject to accidental stains, spills and pet odors. Regular professional carpet cleaning can combat all of this, and when it’s carried out with organic products, the results – we think – will surprise you.

Planet organic

Here at New York Cleaners, we are committed to using only organic cleaning products in our work. By organic, we mean 100% non-toxic solutions that are not in any way harmful to the environment, whilst at the same time cleaning your carpet perfectly. The Green Depot products we use are as effective, if not better, than traditional products, which leave behind chemicals that are harmful not just to you, your children and your pets but also to the wider environment and planet.

Dry in no time

When you choose us to clean your carpets, we guarantee to clean them wall-to-wall, not leaving an inch untouched. We use special machinery that keeps excess moisture to a minimum. And because this kind of technology reduces drying time considerably, your carpet will be ready to walk on again in just a few hours. And this will all be considerably cheaper than investing in new flooring. Finally, once we’ve cleaned your carpet, we will also disinfect it, with our Green Depot organic spray, making sure once more that harmful bacteria are no longer there. It will be left smelling fresh and look as good as new.

Attention to detail

We are a locally owned and operated business, with a reputation for attention to detail. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

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