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Amy Hunter, Queens

Leather is a great material – it’s comfortable, soft and durable and, when treated properly, will last a long time. But leather products are usually expensive and if you don’t want to ruin them, it’s best to have them looked after by professionals. Our expert, reliable staff knows exactly how to bring back the shine and supple feel of your special piece.

Treat it with great care

Leather is a beautiful material, and a rug, sofa or chair made from adds style to any room. Soft and supple, it promotes a feeling of wellbeing and luxury, and gives off a wonderful smell as well. Leather is durable and can last for many years. But what happens when it stains, or becomes faded? What do you do if it begins to lose its texture and the colors start looking dull? Is it enough give it a wipe with a damp cloth? Or is there more that should be done?

Protect your investment

Here at New York Cleaners, we know that whilst leather isn’t the most delicate material, it still needs to be treated with good care. We know exactly how to treat your sofa, chair or rug, both gently but effectively, making sure it is quickly returned to optimum condition. We are familiar with the different problems affecting leather – drying out, affected by human body oils (perspiration) and dye transfer from clothing coming off on the material. All of these can leave your special piece looking splotchy, dry and cracked. And because leather is an expensive purchase, putting sufficient care into its upkeep makes good financial sense.

Soft and supple

The best way to clean leather us is by calling a professional – New York Cleaners. We’ve been in the business long enough to have all the know-how to do the best possible job. We employ only the most experienced, well-trained staff who will can clean and refinish/redye all kinds of leather (aniline, pigmented, nubuck). We remove all kinds of stains, including red wine, coffee and ink, leaving your piece looking soft and supple.

Green and clean

We are committed both to the health of your family and pets, and to the planet, which is why we use only environmentally-friendly, 100% non-toxic products in our work.

Our Green Depot leather cleaning conditioner is designed to keep material smooth and feeling-silky, as well as giving it a fabulous shine. Our products penetrate deep inside the leather, removing dirt and grime, re-moisturising the material, protecting it from future oil and water-based stains and giving it a super smooth feel.

Attention to detail and customer satisfaction

We are a locally owned and operated company, providing high-quality service at competitive prices. Our primary concern is customer satisfaction, which is why we pay constant attention to detail and offer specific, tailor-made solutions for all of our clients. We are fully bonded and insured and offer a guarantee on all of our work.

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