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Over the years, your carpet is going to suffer from buckling, waving or just become loose. Carpet re-stretching is an excellent way to restores its appearance, quickly removing ripples and bumps from the material. Our power stretchers do a great job, every time, and the cost is far less than you’d think, especially when compared to buying a new carpet.

Bring back the luster

However beautiful your carpet feels, inevitably there will come a time when it looks a little neglected and loses some of its luster. Over the years, carpets often buckle or become wavy. From time to time, they also become loose, as well as developing wrinkles, bumps and bubbles. So what’s the best way to deal with these problems, and have your carpet looking the way it did when you first purchased it?

Extend its lifespan and give it a face lift

Here at New York Cleaners, we recommend carpet re-stretching as the best way of extending your carpet’s lifespan and giving it a great “face lift” at the same time. We use top-of-the-range power stretching machinery which does the job quickly and effectively, removing the waves and ripples in the material. And if there are lumps and bumps in the carpet, we can usually remove them by installing new padding in the affected area.

Prevent further wear-and-tear

If you choose the power-stretching method, you will also save yourself the expense of buying a new carpet, which makes good economic sense. Furthermore, power stretchers do not tear at your carpet – instead, using one will give it many more years of serious use. And whilst it won’t reverse wear-and-tear and regular damage, it will prevent against further damage.

Get more life and an improved performance out of your carpet by letting our experienced, reliable teams power-stretch it. We guarantee to return it to its original form, making your home look even more beautiful.

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