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Regular attention

The importance of carpet cleaning simply can’t be underestimated. When our clothes become dirty, we have them washed, to make them clean and fresh again. But what about our carpets? Wall To Wall Carpets are subject to constant, heavy foot traffic and over time, this inevitably takes a toll. Every day, not just grime and dirt but dust mites, bacteria and other harmful allergens are being trodden into them. And not only is your health being put at risk, but so is the appearance and condition of your carpet. Soil accumulation causes colors to fade and damages material. So what is the solution? Regular attention through periodic cleaning.

Powerful hot water Extraction techniques

Look no further. Here at New York Cleaners, we provide a top-quality carpet cleaning service at an affordable price. We’re in the business of removing the most troublesome spots and stains, using heavy-duty machinery and powerful hot water extraction techniques. At a time convenient to you, one of our highly-trained technicians will arrive at your home , fully equipped with environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solutions, that aren’t just effective in cleaning your carpet but also protect you and your family.

Attractive and soft

Our special machinery blasts at the dirty and soiled areas, effectively removing the most stubborn red wine, ink and coffee stains. It will also remove blue-tack, chewing gum and even wax from your carpet. And we don’t just clean your carpet – we disinfect it, which means your home will end up free of dust mites, bacteria and pet hair. Once all this is removed, we will deoderize the whole area, to make the room smell fresh and clean.

Don’t spend time and money buying a new carpet. Let us revigorize your existing one at a fraction of the price it would cost to replace it! We offer top carpet cleaning service in New York at a competitive price and once we’re finished, we guarantee your carpet will look as attractive and feel as soft as the day it was first laid.

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